Ways we can help your faith community

Working towards sustainability?

Reducing Energy Usage

Reducing energy usage is probably the first, easiest, and most cost-effective way to lower your carbon footprint. Creation Care Ambassadors have implemented energy-saving measures on their own buildings. We can connect you with resources to help you assess your energy consumption and the potential for money-saving reductions.

Heating/Air Conditioning

If  your heating and air conditioning system needs to be replaced or if you’re thinking of installing heat pumps on your property, we can direct towards resources that will help.

Solar Energy

If you’re considering solar energy on your property, some of our Creation Care Ambassadors have past experience managing solar projects. We can help you through the sometimes complicated process of funding and installing such projects. We can help you receive the federal tax rebate, normally reserved for for-profit organizations. And we can introduce you to funders and reputable installers.

Green Teams & Faiths Connect for Climate Action

Click here for Faiths Connect for Climate Action: connecting faith-based green teams in the Dane County Area!

Looking for a speaker?

Science and Solution of Climate Change

If you’re interested in the science and solutions of climate change, Bob Lindmeier would be happy to inform you. Bob is WKOW’s chief meteorologist for over 40 years. In the past decade, he has talked to over 100 groups about climate change and how it will affect Wisconsin. To learn more about Bob, click here to visit his profile.

Biblical Perspective on Creation Care

If you would like to hear a Biblical perspective on creation care, Ed Brown can enlighten you. He is the founding director of Care of Creation and has worked in the field of creation care or Christian environmental stewardship for 20 years. To learn more about Ed, click here to visit his profile.

Islamic Perspective on Creation Care

If you are interested in hearing an Islamic perspective on creation care, Huda Alkaff can share it with you. She is the founder and director of Wisconsin Green Muslims and has worked in the field of environmental justice for 20 years. To learn more about Huda, click here to visit her profile.

Nature Religion Perspective on Creation Care

If you are interested in hearing ancient and contemporary Nature Religion perspectives on creation care, Selena Fox can share some with you.  Also known as Rev. Selena Fox, she is senior minister of Circle Sanctuary, a Nature Spirituality church serving Nature Religion practitioners worldwide since 1974.  She was among the founders of Earth Day in 1970 and is founder and executive director of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, which is home to Wisconsin’s first Green cemetery near Barneveld, Wisconsin.