Kermit Hovey

With the Wisconsin Creation Care Ambassadors, Kermit serves as a founding member of the leadership team, member of the speaker list, and Green Team network coordinator. 

Kermit’s life work has expressed his Christian faith through building up and sustaining not only the church, but the disadvantaged, as well as creation (the environment) for as long as he can remember.  That triple focus converged in 2012 when he became overwhelmingly convinced of society’s failure to sustain a livable climate.  In joining the then new Madison chapters of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and he began a long journey of varied action, advocacy, and effort.  From protesting in the streets to lobbying in legislator’s offices, from the state capitol to the U.S. capitol, from public hearings in city halls to testimony in federal administrative meeting rooms, he has advocated for climate action.  From coordinating efforts to pass the Middleton Climate Referendum to helping convene secular and faith-based climate events, campaigns and conferences he has mobilized, directed, and educated climate advocates.

He is grateful for all the individuals and organizations he has had the privilege of leading, collaborating with, and working for in this effort to protect the climate from the ravages of human-caused global warming. In free-time, squeezed too often in-between meetings, he especially enjoys reading, writing, and biking.  Kermit perseveres with the ever appreciated support of his wife, Diana, and three adult children: Christine, Joseph and Cyndi.