Huda Alkaff

Huda Alkaff is an ecologist, environmental educator, and the founder and director of Wisconsin Green Muslims, a grassroots environmental justice group formed in 2005 connecting faith, environmental justice, sustainability, and healing through education and service. Huda’s higher education degrees are in Conservation Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Science/Environmental Education from the University of Georgia. Huda received recognitions from the 2015 White House Champions of Change for Faith Climate Justice Leaders by President Obama, the 2016 Sierra Club Great Waters group Environmental Hero of the Year, the 2017 Environment America’s Voices for 100 percent Renewable Energy, and the 2018 Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education Eco-Justice Award.

For over two decades, Huda has advocated for environmental justice, initiating Muslim and interfaith programs on energy and water conservation. Huda is a Program Manager at Milwaukee Environmental Consortium, a Wisconsin Field Organizer for the Climate Action Campaign, and the Coordinator of Wisconsin Faith Communities for Equitable Solar that connects with over 6,000 people from 18 different faith traditions, spiritualities and various backgrounds. She co-chaired the US Climate Action Network 100% Equitable Renewable Energy Action Team.