Helpful Resources



Renew Wisconsin’s Solar For Good Program

This program fosters the expansion of solar power among houses of worship and mission-based nonprofits in Wisconsin.  It awards financial grants, solar panels, and technical assistance to non-profit organizations to help them switch to clean, renewable solar energy.

Wisconsin Faith Communities for Equitable Solar Initiative

Faith and Solar provides webinars and presentations with practical information to help congregations learn about the benefits of solar. It connects congregations to valuable resources including technical advice, grants, financing solutions, and strategies to build support within the congregation. It also celebrates and publicizes solar installations which faith communities have completed.


Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change

has many resources for Faith Communities, including how different religious traditions connect faith and environmental stewardship, how to green your facility and operations, local success stories from faith communities, ways to engage congregations on climate action, and collaboration with other faith communities.

Sustain Dane

Sustain Dane offers Accelerate Sustainability Workshops to help people start sustainability initiatives at their own organization.  They also offer a Sustainability Breakfast Series with expert speakers and networking opportunities, Green Team Roundtables, Master Recycler Classes, and more. 


Global Weirding Videos

Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist and outspoken person of faith. She’s made a series of cute but informative videos (about 6-10 min. each) about climate change (which she humorously but aptly calls “global weirding”). They cover common questions and confusions people have, and work well for a discussion group or Sunday School class.

Lausanne Global Classroom – Creation Care Episode A series of 12 ten-minute videos featuring voices from around the world. Easy to use in a Sunday School or small group setting.

Environmental Library Books for Children

These children’s books are hand-picked by librarians to teach children and teens about nature and how to care for the environment.  It’s a great resource for parents and teachers. Topic pages link to library books in the South Central Library System (which covers Dane County and beyond), so you can place the books you like on hold and pick them up at your local library.

Music for Climate Change & Climate Action

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette is a hymn writer and pastor, who has written lyrics about caring for creation which are set to old well-known Christian hymns. More recently she has written “The Climate is Changing” which you can find the lyrics and music to online. Also look for Climate Vigil Songs by Porter’s Gate online.

Christian Climate Action Resources

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) has resources for Christian churches, including worship, prayer, Bible Studies, videos, and books.